Domestic and international transport / Vnitrostátní a mezinárodní doprava

The main profile of HRT Spedition Group is domestic and international transport, as well as storage. Our outstanding quality service is the result of the joint efforts of our well-trained employees, who communicate in several languages, and have extensive, decade-long professional experiences.
We are certain, that the qualitative work of our subcontractors and the correct, well functioning relations play a huge part in the positive opinion of our services. We are represented in different European countries: in Hungary, Germany and Poland with independently operating enterprises.
Adapting to our clients' demand, we guarantee our competitive prices and services in framework contracts as well.
Hlavní profil HRT Spedition Group je vnitrostátní a mezinárodní dopravy, jakož i skladování. Přizpůsobíme se poptávce našich klientů, garantujeme naše konkurenční ceny a služby v rámcových smlouvách.

Transport, forwarding / Doprava, spedice

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Paní Alicja Udvari

Sales manager

Paní Edina Dravucz

Sales manager
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