MAGNA is a world leader in the automotive industry with more than 120.000 employees.

MAGNA Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr is a worldwide well recognized development partner in the following areas
•Commercial Vehicle
•Powertrain Systems
•Alternative Energy
•Railway Systems
•Sports cars
•Leisure Products
•Marine Products
•Technology & Software

MAGNA ECS offers modular software solutions for calculation and simulation in the field of vehicle development and production.

Our software allows to configure development tasks and production processes more efficiently and cost-effectively. It allows you to identify critical areas in the early stages of development and to simulate processes and connections.

MAGNA Powertrain ECS software solutions are deployed successfully by leading vehicle manufacturers around the globe.

We are looking for Reseller specially for our Manufacturing Software product´s !

Manufacturing Solutions

Co nabízíme

MAGNA ECS Partner program:

Intensive Technician and Sales Training at MAGNA
Professional Sales Materials
Support in the field with MAGNA Technicians and Sales people
Assistance for exhibitions and congresses
Exclusive distribution rights for defined area and country´s
Company placement at MAGNA VANC Software Homepage

Co poptáváme/Jakého partnera hledáme

Partner an reseller for the Czech and Slovakian market:


Experience in Sales to industry
Basic knowledge of Production,CNC,Drilling,Milling,Turning,...
English or German Language

Ideal Requirement´s are :

already selling Products(Machines,Tools,Equipment,CAD..)
to machining Industry who want´s to expand the business

newly established company´s who are searching for new business oppurtunities

Hledaná spolupráce

  • Obchodni zprostredkovatel (zastupce, distributor)
  • Technicka spoluprace
  • Spoluprace ve V&V


Pan Edin Ljubuncic

Manager Manufacturing Solutions

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